May contain water…

Fresh and Natural, Still and Sparkling

Devonia’s water comes from a spring that bubbles up on the edge of a meadow near the villages of Beeson and Beesands, less than a mile from the sea and about three miles from Start point.

The well was capped and secured years ago. The well is believed to have been the main source of fresh water for these two villages and supplied many sailors over the generations who stopped in the lee of Start Point sheltering from storms.

We sell both still and sparkling water in 330ml or 750ml bottles. The 330ml bottles come in crates of 20 bottles and the 750ml bottles in crates of 12.

The water has a natural soft taste and we carbonate lightly so that our water doesn’t strip your taste buds off like some soft drinks do.

Devonia’s water regularly is tested for purity using the Alcontrol Laboratories

We also get a mineral analysis done regularly to check there is no change in the mineral content.

Who buys Devonia?

Businesses, event and wedding organisers, householders…

We supply to everyone, this Includes Hotels large and small, Bed and breakfast, weddings, private events, restaurants, café’s. No matter how big or small we can help.

Ordering is simple. Online form, email, text or phone, it’s all quick and simple. For weddings and events we offer a sale or return option, who knows how much will actually be drunk and you don’t want crates of water hanging around. There will be a minimum number of crates charged for, after that we will take back any full crates that are surplus to requirement.