A Christmas Present To The Globe

This year at Devonia we have watched Devon flourish once again from summer to winter and with a great appreciation have marvelled at its beauty as another year has passed. We have made a strong effort to be leaders in the essential movement away from single use plastic and become a top solution to ocean plastic pollution in an effort to preserve places like dreamy Devon. We have taken on new customers and are proud to have led local businesses down a more sustainable and environmentally friendly route by supplying them with Devonia water.

This christmas, we would like to invite you to become a part of our circular economy and we have no intentions of leaving anybody out! Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year, we get rid of tonnes of re-usable materials in endless black sacks that are then buried at landfill sites. We want to spread the message far and wide and ask everyone to be mindful this christmas and not cause excess waste. After all, why should our planet suffer at the cost of us having a jolly ol’ christmas on it? 

At Devonia we care about our planet. We focus on making small and affordable changes that have a big impact! We learnt that this year 33% of plastic marine pollution came from the littering of drinks bottles and that one million plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE across the globe! 

Fewer than half of the bottles bought in 2016 were collected for recycling and just 7% of those collected were turned into new bottles. Instead, most ended up in landfill/ the ocean (Surfers against sewage). 

We are proud to boast our impressive 83% re-use rate and to be pioneers in reversing these shocking statistics. We believe that we have fantastic and sustainable business initiatives and although it might only be small, we ARE having a positive impact. We are dedicated to our movement away from single use plastic and are actively encouraging other beverage companies throughout the country to adopt our re-use methods. 

We are committed to local businesses, sustainable thinking and eco friendly methods especially around this time of year. Are you? Remember it is the small differences that have a huge impact. A little bit of mindfulness where pollution is concerned could bring the planet a whole lotta’ love this christmas. There is no better gift than that, right? 

We are now faced with a new year and we look forward to advancing our efforts further and spreading our message wider in the hope of an even more successful and impactful 2018. 

Merry Christmas to all of our lovely customers and thank you for your consistent love and support! 

The Devonia Team x