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The Big Reveal of Our New Infographic!

We’re absolutely delighted to unveil our exciting new infographic, a fun, simple and clear way to showcase our original business model based on the concept of reusing bottles time and again.  Designed by fellow Food Drink Devon member, Plymouth-based creative agency, Upshot, we think it looks amazing and hope you do too!  We’ve felt for […]

Devonia Sales Role

Are you passionate about sustainability and have some business to business sales experience?  Devonia, a spring water company which puts sustainability at the heart of everything they do, is looking for someone to join their team.  With a completely unique distribution method that their existing customers love, Devonia is currently experiencing great levels of growth. […]

Out on Dartmoor

With the recent relaxing of restrictions I managed to get out on Dartmoor for the first time in ages. One of the most spectacular displays of bluebells anywhere in the UK must be at Emsworthy farm near Haytor. Peppa was taking a rest! The Becka Brook valley is stunning and we went down to the […]

DSRT Ashburton team members

At a recent callout near Torquay, Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, Ashburton, team members were being refreshed with some Devonia Water. It was a hot day! The team members are volunteers who give up their time to help people who are injured, lost or vulnerable all over Devon and sometimes nationally. Devonia is proud to […]

A Christmas Present To The Globe

This year at Devonia we have watched Devon flourish once again from summer to winter and with a great appreciation have marvelled at its beauty as another year has passed. We have made a strong effort to be leaders in the essential movement away from single use plastic and become a top solution to ocean […]

Inspired by Bali

Out of sight, Out of Mind In June, myself and another member of the Devonia family were lucky enough to visit Bali, Indonesia, for some well earned relaxation. Whilst taking in the fascinating architecture, authentic culture and the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, one thing became hugely apparent whilst we were there. Plastic was prevailing all over the […]

Devonia Water – ‘Say NO to plastic!’

Every single piece of plastic that has ever been produced still exists today; it won’t be in the same place that you left it and will be it will probably be completely unrecognizable – but it is still here and it’s causing havoc to our environment! The Facts  8% of the world’s oil goes towards […]

Small changes making big differences!

As you are probably aware by now, Devonia Water Cares about what is happening to our planet, and we got to talking about how important the small changes are in making BIG differences. Every year in the UK we produce more than 170 Million tonnes of waste, the majority of it coming from packaging used […]

Recycling with a difference!

In the UK we Recycle 60% of our glass and jars used to package our much loved products. This is a fantastic statistic, as this means that 60% of the glass we use is saved from landfill, significantly reducing the amount of energy and CO2 used to produce more. In fact recycling just one bottle […]

Tying the Knot…?

With the wedding season quickly approaching, we got to thinking about how much time and effort goes in to ensuring your big day goes off with a BANG! From our experience the finishing touches are the thing that allows you to legitimately say it was ‘your’ special day and this includes providing your guests with […]