Plans to expand after our successful summer

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We are thrilled to share that after a successful summer we are planning an exciting expansion in 2023.

Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do and believe it or not, we are the only spring water company in the south of England with a business model focused on reusing glass bottles again and again.

So far this year, we have sold 250,000 bottles of water and reused an impressive 201,000. Washing and refilling the bottles uses just 6% of the energy required to recycle glass, reducing CO2 by 94%. And of course, we do not generate any plastic pollution that would ultimately go into the world’s oceans.

Over our 18 years in business, Devonia has saved 144,995kg of glass from going to landfill, by collecting and reusing our bottles from hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants, special events and private customers across Devon.

More and more hospitality businesses are keen to have green credentials and they can tick a lot of boxes by purchasing still and sparkling spring water in our branded glass bottles, which are then collected by us to be washed and reused. Our highly sustainable business model is simple and more and more customers are buying into it.

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After adding 35 new customers to our books this summer – including 15 wedding and events venues – we are on track to double our area of operations in 2023. To allow for this, we would like to move to a larger facility for more organic growth and are looking to hire new staff and purchase new vans and machinery.

Our water is bottled at source from a spring that bubbles up on the edge of a meadow near the villages of Beeson and Beesands. With a natural soft taste, both still and sparkling products are available in 330ml or 750ml bottles.

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