Becoming a Devonia Customer

Almost every day we meet with a potential new customer to discuss the possibility of their venue stocking Devonia Water. One of the first questions we are asked is – how does it work? 

Well, there’s not much to it…

  1. We set up your account
  2. You place your order via our online form or by email, phone or text
  3. We deliver our bottled water in stackable crates
  4. You serve Devonia to your customers and then place the empties back into the crates
  5. You put the crates of empties back in the drop-off point ready for collection
  6. We replace the empties with your next order. 

It really is that simple. 

Here are some of the other questions we are frequently asked by potential customers:

Why choose Devonia Water? 

We are the only spring water company in the south of England with a business model focused on reusing glass bottles again and again. Washing and refilling the bottles uses just 6% of the energy required to recycle glass, reducing CO2 by 94%. And of course, there’s no plastic pollution going into the world’s oceans. To find out more about why we reuse our bottles visit Recycling & Reusing page. 

What size bottles do you offer? 

We offer both still and sparkling water in 330ml or 750ml bottles. The 330ml bottles come in crates of 20 bottles and the 750ml bottles in crates of 12. To find out more about our water visit Our Water page. 

Who can you cater for? 

We cater for hospitality businesses of all sizes including hotels, pubs, cafés, restaurants, weddings and events, and private houses across Devon. We can also provide our water to local distilleries. 

How and when do I place my order? 

Every Monday, you will receive a reminder email with a link to our online order form. You can either use the online order form or text, call or email us to place your order. 

Is there a minimum order requirement? 

Yes, 2 crates. 

Which day do you deliver to our area? 

On Wednesdays, we deliver to Dartmouth, Totnes, Torquay and Shaldon (order must be placed by 12.00 on Tuesday).  On Thursdays, we deliver to Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Tiverton, Teignmouth and South Dartmoor (order must be placed by 12.00 on Wednesday).  And, on Fridays, we deliver to Salcombe, Modbury, Plymouth, Tavistock, Okehampton and Chagford (order must be placed by 12.00 on Thursday).

How is the water delivered and how do I stop the bottles from going into recycling? 

The bottles will be placed at your allocated delivery drop-off point. They will be delivered in sturdy crates which can stack vertically in your store cupboard.  Once the bottles have been used, place them back in the crates. 

How do I make a payment? 

Payment comes after delivery, by BACS and before the 15th of the following month. Monthly accounts are available. We can accept cash, if necessary.

Interested in stocking Devonia Water in your venue or at your event? 

Please contact Neil Graham via his mobile (07970 414875) or email ( to arrange an in-person meeting. 

In the meantime, please see below our breakdown of the onboarding process and delivery/returns information. 

Here are the benefits of buying from Devonia:

  • The bottles come in sturdy crates which can stack vertically so they only take up a small amount of space.
  • When the bottles have been used just put them back in the crate.
  • Devonia will collect all your empty bottles and crates when we next deliver.
  • Payment after delivery by BACS. Monthly accounts are available.
  • Deliveries Tuesday through to Friday depending on where you are and your requirements.
  • Large hotels and private houses catered for.
  • Low co2 production compared to usual bottles.
  • Low co2 mileage as all local.
  • Ad-Hoc deliveries if required or an order is missed.
  • Weekly contact to ensure no orders are missed, especially for customers who order every week.
  • If an order appears unusual Devonia will check with the customer directly.
  • Weddings – Sale and return. 

Setting up your account

In order to set up your account, we will require the following:

  • Contact name
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Email address for accounts
  • Email address for weekly email

Placing an order

Order from the website 
(you will receive a link every Monday)
Any issues, please contactNeil Graham

Payment – by the 15th of the following month

Sort Code40 26 10
BACS, details on every invoice and statementCash accepted if necessary

Deliveries & Returns

Delivery dayAreas
(order by 12:00 on Tuesday)
(order by 12:00 on Wednesday)
South Dartmoor
(order by 12.00 on Thursday)
How to store bottles– Our bottled water must be stored OUT of SUNLIGHT and in a cool place
– Please leave bottles vertical and upwards in the crate
Other points to remember– Minimum order of 2 crates
– Empties are collected at the time of delivery of the following order
– No deposit is charged on bottles, however, if we don’t get any bottles back for a few months we will be in touch to -discuss ways to improve your return rates.