Devonia is proud to be supporting the South West Coast Path Association’s Trailblazer Walk during its 50th anniversary year

South Devon-based water company, Devonia Water has been supplying its bottled still and sparkling spring water to a wide array of establishments across Devon for over 18 years. Sourced from a spring that bubbles up on the edge of a meadow near the villages of Beeson and Beesands, Devonia Water is bottled less than a mile from the sea and approximately three miles from Start Point.

Leading the operation is Neil Graham, who has a passion for doing things differently and challenging the status quo. In this blog, Neil talks about Devonia and his love for the South West Coast Path.

Why Devonia loves the South West Coast Path?

When the opportunity to support the South West Coast Path Association’s Trailblazer Walk (celebrating its 50th anniversary) came about, I jumped at the opportunity for a few reasons. The first being that our bottling plant is in very close proximity to the Beesands stretch of the path, the second is my personal love for the coast path – I walk it regularly with my partner, Catherine, and dog, Peppa. We’re very much looking forward to walking the Beesands leg of the Trailblazer Walk in further support of the celebrations. 

The third reason being my passion for sustainability and the environment. The coastal path has been impacted hugely over the years by climate change and it is one of the many reasons why I choose to run my business sustainably.

Why Devonia reuses bottles instead of recycling them?

Since the start of last year, we have sold 336,000 bottles of water and reused an impressive 285,000, leading to a re-use rate of 90%. Washing and refilling the bottles uses just 6% of the energy required to recycle glass, reducing CO2 by 94%. And of course, we do not generate any plastic pollution that would ultimately go into the world’s oceans.

During our 18 years in business, we have saved 163 tons of glass from going to landfill, by collecting and reusing over 2,500,000 of our bottles from our customers. 

Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do and, believe it or not, we are the only spring water company in the south of England with a business model focused on reusing glass bottles again and again.

Where can you enjoy Devonia? 

Devonia’s still and sparkling water can be enjoyed in many of Devon’s small and large hotels and bed and breakfasts. You can enjoy alongside your meals at various restaurants and cafés, as well as weddings and private event venues.

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Author – Neil Graham, Owner of Devonia Water