It’s all Rubbish….

As you may have heard Devonia Water are award winning and market leaders in our industry for eco-friendly business initiatives. We pride ourselves on being the only spring water company in the UK that fully recycles their glass bottles, in that I mean that we collect, sterilise wash and refill EVERY bottle we can.

We live in a throwaway society where much of our household and personal waste consists of plastic, cardboard and paper. So much of this material needs to be recycled and there are financial considerations as well as environmental considerations to think of when we fill our bins before collection day… and yes that includes all business waste!

Most companies no longer use glass containers, simply because of the expense. It has become much cheaper and more production orientated to produce cartons, containers and other receptacles from plastic. That means that glass is no longer considered as viable when talking about selling and packaging products; and let’s face it, we all know what the disposal of plastic is doing to our oceans, and it is NOT sustainable!

Even when glass is used, it is not being recycled properly purely because of refuge and recycling costs. This means that last year 1,000,000 tonnes of glass still went through the residual waste stream and was lost in landfill and will NEVER decompose!

As you are all aware we aren’t going to change the world in a day and let’s face it, people still want those extra little luxuries!  Therefore it is about making minor changes in the way we live our life and do business which will all contribute to a better future for all our children. So Devonia Water has decided to take a different approach to any other spring water company in the Country; meaning in 2017 so far we estimate that we have saved 6919 Kilograms of glass from landfill sites.

So what are the benefits for you….?

Competitive Pricing – Our production costs are kept low as we are able to reuse our bottles. This is directly reflected in every quote we offer.

Reduced Refuse Costs – We collect the used bottles, meaning less refuge collections and less visits the recycling centre. Providing you a direct cost saving at point of purchase.

Peace of Mind – Anything we cannot re-use is disposed off through all proper recycling channels and yes that includes the caps!

Next time you are thinking about what products you re stocking or purchasing why not think about making a different choice and contact Devonia Water to find out how they can help you and your business.