Recycling with a difference!

In the UK we Recycle 60% of our glass and jars used to package our much loved products. This is a fantastic statistic, as this means that 60% of the glass we use is saved from landfill, significantly reducing the amount of energy and CO2 used to produce more. In fact recycling just one bottle in the traditional way can save enough energy to power a TV for 20 minutes.

However, it is natural human instinct to try and work out if we can ‘do it better’ so for a long time Devonia Water has been questioning if the traditional way of recycling glass is this the most effective, and if there is more we could be doing, to give our fragile planet a little helping hand.

When you go through the weekly process of sorting your household waste, have you ever thought what about happens to the glass you recycle? Well, Devonia Water has been doing its homework and the following process is followed,

  1. Collected
  2. Separated from other waste
  3. Sorted by colour
  4. Sent to the reprocessing factory
  5. Crushed into small pieces called Cullet
  6. Contaminates are removed using Magnets, air suction and laser sorters
  7. The Cullet is then melted at over 1500 Degrees Celsius
  8. Additional Ingredients added
  9. The melted Culled is divided into Gobs
  10. The Gobs are pressed or blown into new glass bottles or jars.

As you cans see it is complex process, which requires energy time and money. Devonia Water takes a very different approach,

  1. Collected
  2. Separated from other waste
  3. Washed
  4. Sterilized
  5. Refilled
  6. Re-distributed

This process has seen us win awards for ‘Environmentally Friendly business initiatives.’

We are proud to say that we recycle 85% of our bottles in this unique way, with 109,174 bottles being reused in 2016. Can you imagine how many more TV’s you could power from the energy saved using this innovative process?

So buying or stocking Devonia Water not only provides you a soft tasting mineral water, bottled at source in the most beautifully untouched areas of Devon, but also means you are buying into a company that cares and will continue to innovate and challenge the status quo.

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