Small changes making big differences!

As you are probably aware by now, Devonia Water Cares about what is happening to our planet, and we got to talking about how important the small changes are in making BIG differences.

Every year in the UK we produce more than 170 Million tonnes of waste, the majority of it coming from packaging used to store our food and drinks! Our landfill sites are bursting at the seams, with poisonous materials which just never disappear and our oceans and our green spaces are taking the brunt of it.

Now this issue isn’t new, and as a nation we have been making significant steps towards trying to resolve this problem in various ways for over 2 decades but we are by no means perfect and we have a long way to go!

Personal recycling makes a HUGE difference, but unfortunately it is just a drop in the ocean, with most of the environmental cost of our throw away wrapping happening upstream during the manufacturing of our products. In fact we were actually closer to solving the problem 30 years ago with Milkmen and bottle deposits. But instead; we now live in a culture where it is acceptable to drink from a plastic bottle ONCE for it to then never to disappear… COME ON!!!!

Don’t get us wrong, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and forget what fantastic things we are doing to help the issue with fantastic initiatives like the plastic bag charge, bio-packaging for sandwiches, water soluble paper and Refill schemes!

Devonia Water takes this all very seriously, and we are the only Spring Water company in the UK which, collects, washes, sterilises, refills and re-distributes EVERY bottle we sell!!! We have an impressive 85% re-use rate! This year alone we have saved over 4000KG of glass from landfill sites and have reused nearly 50,000 bottles.

Not only does supplying Devonia Water give you elegant and soft tasting spring water, bottled at source in a beautifully untouched area of south Devon, but we are also leading the way in our industry for sustainable and environmentally conscious packaging! Remember, small changes make the BIG differences…. So contact us today to find out how Devonia Water can help you!